We make delicious, organic fruit snacks and veggie blends.  Our fruit pouches are loved by all ages, and our veggie blends are gulped down by hungry little ones. We use the squeezy pouches to make eating healthy food easy and fun....

When we started Peter Rabbit Organics we made 3 promises: that everything we make would always be 100% organic, 100% healthy (no added sugar, no added salt and nothing artificial) and always taste 100% delicious.  We hope you enjoy exploring our website...

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Easter is almost here..........
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Spring has officially Sprung!



WIth Easter just around the corner, we are stocking up on all of our favorite Easter goodies. To make life easier, our pouches are featured in an amazing Easter display in  select Walmart stores. 

Pick up one of our pouches along with Nick Jr's  Peter Rabbit toys, books, and other fun items. We can bet that your lil one would love to have an easter basket full of Peter Rabbit goodies. 

Make sure you check out our Facebook page in April for your chance to win  some of our pouches and other Easter treats. 








We are running lots of fun competitions and giveaways so make sure you pop over and get involved in all of the fun!
Keep an eye out for one of our many competitions where you could win a fun day out with your family and of course some of our delicious pouches!
Whether it is a photo contest or as simple as commenting on a post, we want to give all of our fans a chance to win! 
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The long cold winter is hopefully over and the blooming of fresh flowers can begin. To celebrate the arrival of spring, we have made a list of all of our favorite springtime activities. 

Whether it is bicycling with friends or picnicking with our family, we always remember to pack a healthy on the go lunch. Our favorite pouch during this time of year is our mango, banana, and orange. The fresh citrus notes of the orange combined with exotic mango make this pouch perfect for any sunny day. 


BPA Free Sugar Free 100% Organic Great for on the go
Full serving of fruit